Lawmakers announce housing package with statewide rent control


Assemblyman Richard Bloom speaks during a press conference Thursday about a package of bills that lawmakers say would cap rents statewide and allow rent control on single-family homes. Click on the photo to watch video from the press conference.

Lawmakers on Thursday announced a package of rental housing legislation that would cap rent increases statewide and allow local governments to apply rent control to single-family homes and 10-year-old construction.

The housing package also will include a “just cause” for eviction measure, as well as a statewide rental registry, the legislators said during a press conference and through a news release.

Although lacking detail at present,  AB 1482 by Assemblyman David Chiu, D-San Francisco, will cap annual rent increases based on the rate of inflation plus a yet-to-be-determined figure, the press release says, and would not supersede existing local rent control laws.

AB 36 by Assemblyman Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica, also is light on detail, however, the press release says it would allow local governments to cap rents on single-family residences and on construction that’s at least 10 years old, while exempting landlords with one or two units.

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  • While I cannot address issues in the Bay Area, here in Fresno, the idea of rent control just makes no sense. I have a few single family homes and strongly object to rent control. I have had experience dealing with mobile home rent control for a client and found the experience depressing at best. Does the new legislation allow me to go out of the business? Do the proposed rules force me to continue to be a landlord? I would sell my homes if the new rules kept me from simply not renewing a lease that had expired to avoid having to prove good cause.

    I would seriously consider selling my rental homes rather that deal with rent control

  • Next you will be control the price business’ can charge for food, restaurants, car sales, car rentals….you name it . You want the private business sector to go out of business…Guess what you lose tax dollars. Let the free market determine the value of goods, not the government dictating it. When the prices of rentals becomes too high, guess what?? there will be a lot of vacancies and the prices will level out or drop all by the law of supply and demand not by the law and demand of State of CA. This is just another good reason why people are leaving the State of California to do business because this State Government is NOT business friendly. Let’s make California a better place to live, work and business friendly.. I vote for that!!

  • If the “just cause for eviction” passes, I am done and out of owning rentals this state.
    If legislation passes with overreaching controls, requiring me to serve a notice to the tenant detailing what action needs to be corrected, I then have to tell the drug dealing / gang associated / no-good thugs who rarely but occasionally squeak through the application process that I don’t want that at my property, the risk to me is too great.
    The burden of proof will fall upon the landlord – and we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t! If the the preponderance of the evidence says to get rid of trouble, that is our duty to provide quiet enjoyment to our families. But if we wait for a conviction it’s far too late – but this just cause may require that?
    ( and even if they are convicted they get to come home thanks to reckless
    new laws in California that put few criminals behind bars. )
    Rather than investing my hard earned dollars in rentals and an archaic tax system that makes selling to get out so tax-burdened, I will just bite the bullet, get my dollars out and move away to traditional investing where my gains can sit untaxed for decades with no middle of the night calls, no worries and no cares for those good renters who need homes.
    Many of us are private owners who are far too old for this foolhardy state and their unending monkey business – and frankly, we are far too wise to put up with it.

  • While I am opposed to most rent control (RC), I tentatively welcome AB 742 (Wicks) bill to gather data. It could prove V interesting.

    Aside from cash rent, sq footage, # of rooms, address/zip code, and inhabitants (not just tenants, but good to get a count of them too); I would like to see some measure on tenant income (I’d even throw in my income to be fair – but who does the verification is what I’d like to know).

    But, just as the whole idea of voter control, er I mean RENT control, is skewed by politics, I imagine some of that gathered data might never see the light of day. Nothing lies more than lawyers and politicians like statistics!

    And to any who might bemoan our fate, I don’t believe the politicians have any concern for the value of our property. In fact, they probably see it as their ‘civic duty’ to devalue that property, so in order to provide “affordable” housing again (until they have to pay a plumber, a contractor, or the water bill!). Just remember, RC is virtually a one-way-street; its just keeps getting tighter and more restrictive (from 40 yrs in SF).