Bill seeking statewide rental registry creates privacy concerns


A bill that would create a statewide registry of rental units and require a myriad of information from California landlords each year advanced Wednesday from its first committee hearing.  

AB 724 by Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, D-Oakland, would publicize a wide range of information about rental units, raising privacy concerns for both property owners and residents.

The bill passed out of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee on a 6-1 vote with one abstention and now heads to the Judiciary Committee.

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  • This is wrong in so many ways – say you have 40 units / all 2 bedroom. The tenant that’s been there since 2002 pays $1100, but the tenant moving in 2019 pays $1400. So tenants can look online and say the rents are discriminatory because they differ by unit and sue the owner? This is rife with legality challenges…. If this state wants good owners to continue to offer quality housing to good people they need to butt out and address the real problem – wages. My gasoline, PG&E, food, insurance, RX, health insurance and much more have all far escalated way beyond the percentage increase that rents have gone up since 2000. And where were all these folks now needing housing living when the economy was horrid and 2008 saw vacancies up to 20% in many cities. Redevelopment went away courtesy of Brown, housing that was shovel ready did not get built, and now the state wants to paint landlords like villains who overcharge and must house all who come at no profit, to pander to the voters / future voters who do not understand the economics of supply and demand at all. You keep incentivizing the homeless and illegals to locate in this state and you will always lack housing for these “future voters”. Time to build a new city – say in California City – and use state taxes / housing funds to build SRO single residency occupancy dwellings. Need housing – you go there. You want better ? work your way up to get out and move then where you can afford to live.
    This “registry” law passes and everyone’s rent goes up to equalize – and all to $1450 as soon as I can.

  • ONly way this can be good is if you only have to report the new tenants you get. Not the ones that have been on site since 2000’s when the prices were so much lower.