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Capitol good bills and bad

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CAA fights proposed apartment moratorium in Menifee

A proposed ban on apartment construction in Menifee would undercut the city’s economy, taking away construction jobs, sources of property tax revenue and places for working folks to live.

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Prop. 13 change-of-ownership bill dies in Senate Appropriations

A Proposition 13-related bill that would have closed a change-of-ownership loophole died in the Legislature last week.

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Huntington Beach rent control measure won’t appear on fall ballot

Thanks in part to advocacy efforts by the California Apartment Association, the Huntington Beach City Council has reversed its decision to place a rent control measure on the November ballot.

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Legal Q&A: Tenant refuses to pay for damage caused by guest

Question: The guest of one of my residents broke the window of the unit. Our lease states that residents are responsible for damages caused by them or their guests. The resident is refusing to pay and said she is not responsible as the damage was cause …

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Legal Q&A: What happens to lease after resident dies?

Question: My tenant claims that since she moved out on Day 3 of the three-day notice to pay rent or quit she is not responsible for any rent. Is that true? Answer: That is false. Your tenant cannot “benefit from her breach.” She is still responsible fo …

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Legal Q&A: Can I require my tenants to pay rent on the weekend?

Question: My lease states that the rent is due on the first of the month. If the first of the month falls on a weekend, can I require my tenants to pay rent on the weekend — if my rental office is open on the weekend? Answer: No. If the rent is due on …

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The California Apartment Association is the nation’s largest statewide organization representing the rental housing industry. For more than 70 years, CAA has served apartment owners and managers through tireless work in public affairs, education and customer service. We are proud to be the definitive voice of the multifamily housing industry in California.

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Ask the Attorney: Legal Topics Seminar08-13-2014Read More
Budget Development and Implementation08-13-2014Read More
CAA-Los Angeles – 2015 Multi-Family Economic Forecast08-13-2014Read More
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CAA Management Webinar – Move In Process08-18-2014Read More
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