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Capitol good bills and bad

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CAA golf tourney doubles last year’s donation to fight homelessness in Inland Empire

More than 110 golfers have helped the California Apartment Association raise thousands of dollars to fight homelessness in the Inland Empire.

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Network and learn at CAA Connect Expo in Southern California

CAA Connect - Southern California Rental Housing Conference & Expo comes to the Long Beach Convention Center on Wednesday, Aug. 27.

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Property owners beware: Breaking drought rules could cost hundreds in criminal fines

Wasting water could cost California landlords and tenants hundreds of dollars and constitute a criminal infraction.

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Legal Q&A: Tenant won’t allow access to unit with bed bugs

Question: I have a resident who has bed bugs in his unit. He refuses to allow access to his unit so that we can start treatment. Can we evict him? Can we charge for the cost of treatment? Answer: First, you need to send a notice to perform covenant or …

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Legal Q&A: When does a property require an on-site manager?

Question: I served a three-day notice to pay rent or quit on a tenant, and the renter paid with a personal check. The check has since bounced. Do I need to serve another three-day notice to pay rent or quit? Answer: The bounced check is not payment, so …

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Legal Q&A: Can I issue a parking citation?

Question: A resident at my property was taken to the hospital and passed away. Since the lease requires a 30-day notice, what is the law as far as reimbursement of the deposit?Answer: When a tenant passes, the month-to-month tenancy is terminated 30 da …

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California Apartment Association

The California Apartment Association is the nation’s largest statewide organization representing the rental housing industry. For more than 70 years, CAA has served apartment owners and managers through tireless work in public affairs, education and customer service. We are proud to be the definitive voice of the multifamily housing industry in California.

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TitleStart DateInformation
CCRM Series July 24th – September 18, 201407-24-2014Read More
Managing Rental Housing – 8 Hour Course07-24-2014Read More
16 Hour Asbestos Training – Class III (2 Days)07-29-2014Read More
Evictions and Notices08-05-2014Read More
Budget Development and Implementation08-12-2014Read More
Ask the Attorney: Legal Topics Seminar08-13-2014Read More
Dealing With Difficult Tenants08-19-2014Read More
Everyday Property Management Issues08-21-2014Read More
Mold & Fungi Awareness08-26-2014Read More
CAA Connect Southern CA Rental Housing Conference & Expo08-27-2014Read More
Managing Rental Housing – 8 Hour Course08-27-2014Read More
CCRM Series – September 2 – November 4, 201409-02-2014Read More